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About Roza London

Our Agency

Roza London was founded by actress, Public Relations Mogul and fashion model Aliia Roza along with TV personality and marketing expert Oli London to provide a high-end, effective and impactful way of helping both brands and people achieve success through the media, television, social media and public exposure.


From building your public profile, to launching brands, products and helping you on your path to fame- whatever your dreams and ambitions- we make your dreams become a reality.

Our Founders


Aliia Roza is a philanthropist and investor living between Beverly Hills and London. Miss Roza has worked with some of the finest luxury brands from Gucci, Damiani, Fabergé, House of Garrad, Cavalli, Fendi and Rolls Royce helping to showcase them on a global scale. She is also an avid investor in brands focused around sustainability in helping them grow across Europe and Asia and through her inspirational work has developed a strong following with over 700,000 followers accross social media.



Oli London has appeared on more than 50 TV shows worldwide including CBS, NBC, TMZ, Daily Mail TV, BBC and across thousands of press including E!, New York Times, New York Post and Sky News. Having a background in PR and marketing, he has amassed a staggering 1.2 Billion views on Tiktok alone and has over 1.1 million followers across social media. He has helped launch the careers of multiple celebrities and brands, getting them huge media exposure, TV shows and lucrative opportunities.

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